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DigitalDrawer: The #1 Healthcare Records Management Software

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Why DigitalDrawer?

  • Lowest Pricing - DigitalDrawer is the most affordable healthcare records management software on the market because it was designed to give small and mid-sized businesses a cost-effective means to become paperless.

  • Easy to Use - DigitalDrawer is the most user-friendly system on the market. Any user can easily log in and find the document they are looking for with minimal to no training.

  • Unequaled customer service - The customer can talk directly with a support person or software engineer to answer any questions they have. We will also come on site to show you how to use the system.

DigitalDrawer makes scanning super simple and fast. The user will no longer have to scan files, then name each file with appropriate file names, and then move the files to the appropriate folder. This can be a very tedious task. DigitalDrawer handles all of this for you.