Electronic Medical Records Management


DigitalDrawer: The #1 Electronic Medical Records Management Software

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Protect Your Files. Increase Efficiency. Eliminate Clutter.

DigitalDrawer is the electronic medical records management software from AscendoSoft. The system saves businesses time and money by giving them an easy means of converting their paper-based file cabinets and storage rooms into an easy-to-access electronic file cabinet.

This allows you to:

  • Quickly find any file you need.

  • Never lose another file due to misfiling. You can find your files based on the file's content, something not possible when the files are still on paper.

  • Eliminate the need for filing cabinets and file rooms, giving you more usable office space.

  • Protect you from the possibility of losing important files due to events such as a fire, a flood, and even theft.

  • Have better organization and security over your files.